Planning your wedding can be a time-consuming and stressful process. It can even detract from the joy you hope to experience in the months before your Wedding Day.

Eric Silvey Entertainment has both the experience and knowledge to create the joyous
and marvelous wedding you deserve – stress-free.

Nothing can replace experience, and over the past 30+ years we have produced hundreds of elegant and refined wedding receptions for clients in the tri-state area and beyond.

Your reception can be a simple brunch or luncheon, a lavish dinner, or something in between. The planning that goes into producing such an event must be done with intelligence, sensitivity and – most importantly – with attention to your thoughts and desires. That’s why we like to meet with the bride and groom and discuss pertinent questions concerning your ideas, entertainment options, budget, and how you envision the event.

Addressing your questions and concerns promptly and effectively along the way is how we get things done the right way.

Meeting onsite with the venue coordinator, creating a tentative timeline and constantly conferring with you leads to a successful and superior event.

We can help you find the right wedding location, select an appropriate caterer, and assist with suitable floral arrangements (or any of these) – all within your budget.

Customized entertainment is carefully chosen (orchestras, bands, DJ's) to create an exhilarating atmosphere for “dance and romance.”

Our photographers and videographers are experienced professionals who know how to capture the beauty and fascination of your wedding – without disturbing your guests. Our overall goal is to provide you with wonderful memories that you will cherish forever!

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