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Dear Eric,

Eric, you must know – as I’ve heard reiterated again and again by so many people – that the party that you created was unforgettable. Everyone, whether young or old, relations or friends, uptight stodgy conservatives or loose, liberal crazy party nuts, had a great time. How did you manage to do that?

When the guests stepped through the doors (or turnstile) they were immediately transported to Yankee Stadium, donning Yankee caps at the door as they were met by waiters clad in Yankee uniforms while hearing Bob Shepherd on the audio system, reminding them of the historical significance of Yankee Stadium. How could they not be swept up in the fervor of Yankee mania?

What more can I say, Eric. You are the best! For this I thank you, thank you and once again thank you!

NY Yankee Themed Bar Mitzvah


If I say it a 1,000 times, it would never be enough! Our eternal gratitude to you and your genius! Without you, we’d be nothing!!! What a pleasure to work with you – and WHAT A PARTY! It truly surpassed all of our dreams! Everyone had the most amazing time and the energy was incredible!

Thanks for making our dreams come true…and then some!

Bar Mitzvah

Dear Eric,

After months of planning, everything turned out exactly as we wanted. From the moment we got off the bus to the moment the last child left, everything went smoothly.

Your coordination as well as your choice of entertainers are to be ranked top-notch. You have an impeccable sense of timing.  We received phone calls from the children’s parents informing us that this was the first time their sons actually danced at any Bar/Bat Mitzvah and another mom told us that her daughter said that this one was the best.

We are sure glad that we chose your company to help plan our party. The whole package made our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah an event to be proud of and remembered forever.

Very truly yours,
Madelaine and Norman
Bat Mitzvah

Testimonials from the people who matter the most — THE KIDS!

“Thank you so much for the amazing party. Everyone at school said that mine was the best Bat/Bar Mitzvah party in the entire grade.

Mike (the MC) was so perfect. In the beginning he introduced himself and said that if I needed or wanted anything to just ask. He was nice to all my friends and my friends LOVED him.

The DJ was fantastic. He played almost every one of my songs and then played other songs that weren’t on the list but were perfect. Thank you so much, you made my party the best that it could possibly be.”


“My whole experience with my Bat-Mitzvah party was the most amazing experience of my life! Everything went as planned and it flowed so smoothly. I felt no stress and I was confident that you had everything taken care of the way you had said you would.

The entertainment was really cool! The MC was really funny and my friends didn’t stop talking about one of the dancers for weeks because they were all obsessed with him!

Everyone was so helpful in making the day really special to me and I know it couldn’t have been half as good without all your help!

Thank you so much!