Liz and Dan

Dear Eric,

We can’t thank you enough for helping make the most significant event of our lives the most wonderful and beautiful.

Your ability to grasp our personalities, sensibilities and desires and then manifest them into the perfect wedding for us was simply awesome. Your suggestions for all the big decisions were perfect – from the Russian Tea Room down to the photographer. And everything was within our budget!

Your enthusiasm and personal interest combined with your professional expertise is a rare and wonderful thing that made us feel very lucky to have run across you. Your special personal touches were the icing on the cake. We’ll never forget the last-minute emergency dance lesson you gave us the evening of the rehearsal dinner – which was a ton of fun in addition to being very helpful. Your knowledge of music and your ability to know what was right for when was invaluable.

You would not believe how people are talking about this wedding still today. Many say it was the best and most beautiful they have ever seen. This was the feeling of a certain celebrity friend of mine whose letter I forwarded to you a few months ago. Another friend related that his wife, who is the consummate critic, said it was a “perfect” wedding. Another guest, who happens to run events for one of the swankiest hotel groups, cannot stop talking about our wedding.

We also want to mention how effortless it was for us to put it all together, in large measure due to you. We hear stories from others about the obsessiveness, hassles, headaches, craziness and effort that went into planning their weddings, none of which we experience. Ours was a breeze!

Thank you again for the wonderful work.